Thursday, May 14, 2009

Our Last Post

Due to lack of space on this blog, we have started part 2 of the Pollock Family Adventures. If you want to continue following this crazy family, then click on the "New Blog" link. If you're just plain tired of our shannanigans, then we'll say, "Happy Trails To You, Until We Meet Again."

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Great Balls of Green Stuff

Well, It's finally time for the Harvest of our garden
down by the lake. We had LOTS of Cabbage, broccoli and onions,
unfortunately there's not a whole lot of stuff to do with cabbage so we just made an
over abundance of sauerkraut and chow chow:)
(Are you impressed I can actually spell sauerkraut? It was momma. You know I can't spell German. I have a hard enough time with English:)

Li'l Mary the onion picker.

Mary and James had the job of picking all the oinions in the garden, ha ha.

(Ok, well Christiana helped a little:)

The hard workers, hardly working.

Guess What?...

Yep, another cabbage dweller (a Cottonmouth).
The joys of Living in Florida:)
EEEEE, I Love cabbage.
hi ho hi ho, the cabbage we will throw...
The way you pick cabbage when you're raised in an orange grove:)
I think that thing weighed about 100+ pounds when full:o

Don't forget to
count your many blessings.
All in a days work

Oh and while we were picking the garden the boys found a heifer that had just
had her first calf . She had had it in the swamp and the calf was stuck in the mud and couldn't get out, so, Cowgirls to the rescue;)

The pitiful little thing was covered in mud so we got it washed off and took it back to the momma,

unfortunately, it caught pneumonia and died a few days later.

Have a nice day!!

P.S. Ariana did help us too, but we didn't have any pictures of her cause she was behind the camera the whole time.

posted by:LIV:)

Brown Acres is The Place To Be

Well, it's that time again:) We've had our field plowed and ready since Feb.,

but because we have had a lack of moist droplits from the sky, we've been a bit delayed

with the planting:( We finally got a little rain but not enough to plant the whole thing

so we just planted the lower part of the field .

Daddy and James working on the tractor.

(The way we start all planting days:)
How bout that hat:

Fertilizing the dust of the earth so we can grow luscious.........


"Ok people, we aren't supposed to be growing Weeds here. We want Morsels for me mouth, "food". Well I guess we could eat weeds if we really got hungry enough, which we might have to do if we don't get some rain!

Here's lookin at you, kid.
ME!! Happy = tractor, dirt, planting, tractor, dirt......

Life is Good

Thank the Lord, We are SO blessed!!
The substance in which plants are brought forth.

Morsels for me mouth.

James, learning from the best farmer I know.

Off to "Cowboy NeverLand".
posted by:LIV:)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

This and That

Here's a few Random pictures from the past month.
Mary Practicing the piano.
(Practice makes perfect)

Me having loads of fun teaching Mary:-D
Our Handy Dandy Helpful Sweet Mrs. Stokesies, multi-tasking:)
What would we do without her? ALLOT MORE!!

Our personal barber, puting Gabriel to sleep.
Aka:Cousin Kel

And her Audience/more customers:)
(Something is seriously funny)
Daddy & Leirbag making screens.

Johnny about to go canoeing.

Ariana Practicing for the nursing home.

The ACO Painting Co.
The Before Picture.

Sorry we never got an After pic, but it is now
a fishing room.
(And looks really good)
Self shot.
Opening another can of paint, obviously.
Our supervisor
Adding a little color.
Cleanin' out our Pool

As Summer time is drawing near,
We clean our pool with joyful Cheer:)

Florida = Hot
Hot = Lots of Sun
Lots of Sun = Dehydration
Dehydration = Lack of water
Lack of water = Drought
Drought = Summer
Summer = Swimming Pool?
Our job lies straight ahead:(
"Help! That waters FREEZING" "Please Johnny, no"
She's conquered something ?!?


Daddy playing "Jenga" with James
Our trusty garden Fertilizer/Worm killer/mulch spreader (all over the place):)

El Abuelo Y La Abuela Pollo

Mary Playing with the Trains.And the newest member of the Farm
Our Mouse/Lizard trap. Aka Bessy (cause Mary says she looks like a milk cow.)

Posted By: Christiana

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lets Go Fly A Kite

Looks like a perfect day for kite flying.
(If you zoom in on this Pic. you'll see our kite)

"A Curious Bystander"

As Liv prepares the string, Popeye (aka: cow that thinks he's a hog) is wondering what kind of yummy morsels Liv has to offer him.

"Listen here buddy, this is NOT food, and you are NOT hungry"

Just relaxing in the cow pasture.

(The only place to fly a kite without electric lines.)


(Warning: Thabeth Tuba and Mrs. Stokes, you might not want to look at the rest of this post.)

There's a problem!!!

"No Problem"

While out in the garden picking broccoli, the littles spotted a Cotton Mouth Moccasin hiding, waiting for prey. Ariana used her handy dandy tool (the hoe) and took care of the problem. Living by the swamp, we see many of these venomous snakes. They like to hide, and they blend in well, so you really have to be on the lookout for them.

Just because it is dead, doesn't mean it's harmless. It can still inject it's venom in its prey long after its dead.


Liv, processing the snake for skinning.

"Whoa, is it just me or is there a snake at my feet?"
The End
(Btw: The snake in this pic is NOT alive. We might be crazy, but we're not stupid:)
posted by mom who thinks these snake pics are gross.