Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hay, Hay, and more Hay

Hello People of America!!!!

The Pollock family reporting live from Kathleen Florida!!!

Another hot week Folks!!!! But we still push on, rain or shine!!


These last few days we've been moving alot of hay!!!!

Loading up!

Yellow and Green make a great tractor!!

Tada!!! Our first load!!!!

And the wall came tumbling DOWN!!

The Loader came in VERY handy!!


Gabriel is excited about the hay!!!!

Hey you, smile for the camera!
James having fun on the hay!

A fair maiden amongst the hay.


WATCH OUT, we're on the road!!!!

On our last load for the day we're leaving Lakeland and heading over to drop off some hay for Mr. Frodge!!!

Without the loader, we have to do it the hard way!


The ground crew

Many hands make lite work!!!

Two girls happy to be together!!!

Gabriel and Peter enjoying each others company.....Emma enjoys Gabriel's phone!!!!

James is happy to finally get some dessert

Say cheese!!!!

The girls....and James
And the Boys

Sarah and Ariana
Well, once again the sun has set, and the Pollock family says Good Bye!!!

Hope you have enjoyed our hay day!!!!!
Until next time...