Sunday, March 1, 2009


Jonathan (Gift of the Lord)

Daniel (Integrity, Spiritual Discernment)

Ready, Aim, FIRE>>>>
Jon always enjoys meeting new people.
Here, he is visiting with Tammy, one of our International friends.

Green Acres??
This may sound strange, but Jon's favorite thing to do is work.

A little Rodeo Ridin....


Working with his friend Benny.

Butchering "something"

I can't do a THING with this hair!!

Ready to dig in to some juicy steak from one of the cows.

Lookin for Jon? Uhh, haven't seen him:)
Doin a little target practicing.

Yummy morsels for hungry cows.
One load down and 100 to go!!

Preparing the Ground So long folks.
Now, back to work.
We are very proud of you Jon for your diligence, fun loving spirit and a deep desire to have your conscience clear before the Lord. We love you greatly.