Monday, September 10, 2007

The BIG yard sale!!

Hello Folks,
Sorry it took sooo long to post. Things have been quite busy lately.
We will start with the oldest post first and hopefully in the next couple of days, we will be caught up to the present.


We planned a yard sale to raise money for Mrs. Stokes, to help with the bills, since she was unable to work due to her accident. Many gracious families gave of their goods for this event. It took many hours of preparation, but the LORD prevailed in the end as HE always does and $600 + was raised. Thank you LORD!!

The garage where the goods were stored. Most of it has been moved out in this pic.

The pole barn where the goods were set-up for the sale.

Liv, taking a little break with her "friend". Ahhhh

Who's that hiding behind that book, not working!! Actually she worked very, very hard!! Thank You, Mrs. Graves

Mrs. Stokes with her grateful spirit. What a joy she is.

Mrs. Graves, how could you?? By the way, what did you do??

A little refreshing music while we work.

Having fun with pots and lids (strange). It's not all work.

Do these people EVER take a break!!!

Organizing the tables

What in the world is this?

Who is this and who let her in?? Sale is tomorrow!!

More tables, more organizing

The cashiers

All proceeds go to Mrs. Stokes. All leftovers go to Mr. Graves.

And the sale was a success!! Thank you to all!!!


(The night before the yard sale)

Liv made a wonderful dinner for everyone before the concert. Thank you Liv, it was delicious!!

The moms enjoying each other.

The lovely ladies

The (eldest) Discher Sisters. (l/r, Grace, Kitty, Sarah)

Sweet Markie

Sam and Rachel. Great pic.

Pete and Jordan having a little pickin time before the concert

Ben with two hosts from Gospel 90.3 Radio Station

Ben with Lewis Cruz, Station Manager of Gospel 90.3 and host of "The Headin Home Show".

The ladies enjoying their time at the concert.

Special Friends.

Gabriel helping after the concert.

Jordan also helping. Ben and Sam helped too, but aren't in these pix.

The Inspirations

The young men enjoying being together.

The Young men with Lew.

Good Night Y'all