Monday, November 17, 2008

Making Paper

The other day we went to the "Stokes' Humble Abode"
and Liv and Julia (And a few onlookers of course)
made some "Homemade" Paper

Pullin the felt off the producing product

Then we decided to make "GREEN" paper.


When we pulled the screen out of the water

All the green floated out with the water. So we
ended up not getting any colored paper.

They're almost dry.

Ju pressing the paper


Shredding up used paper to put in the.......


Then we put the pulp into the tub of water

The next day when the sun came out,
we hung the paper on the line to dry.

Perfecto... Except for the fact that it felt like cardboard:)
Practice makes perfect.
Posted By: Christiana