Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Just Pictures

Liv on the Tractor.

On our way home to get ready for the Stricklen's.

Daddy was at the grill tonight and provided us with a wonderful dinner:)


Christi, bringing the food to the van:) We're on our way to the Stricklens to share some

Everybody enjoying "Bananas"

The boys.

Mr. and Mrs. Stricklen.

Callie and Mary Smile for the Camera.

The Next Day.

Ben, Liv, and Christi, getting ready to go to work in the field

Ben's already thirsting before he even gets out of the truck. Ha ha ha:) J/K

Sam learning how to drive the tractor.

And now that he's learned, he's able to go plow

Liv, and Ben having a fence post war:)

ouch!! that looks like it would hurt.

Ariana happily showing off her beautiful roll of fence
Sam having fun!!!
We are victorious, in taking down the whole fence!!

Walking back to the truck after finishing our work. And we will leave you with the this last picture. The Hay Field