Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Day At The Farm

Jonathan calling the cows

Building a hog pen for the, ever increasing, wild hog population!!

Time to call it a night on the fence building.

Mary hanging out laundry on the......

"Easy Tightening" clothesline.

Thanks, Liv

Ariana is happy about her "special" package she's going to pick up.

Wonder what it could be??
(The holes in the box are hint #1)

(The yellow bag is Hint #2)

75 "Black Star" pullet chicks.

She has to make sure each one knows where the special sugar water is.

They've been riding around with the postal service for 2 days.

They are happy to be FREE!!

This is "Bubba", Jon's bunny as of 4 days ago.

The white bunny is Mary's.

Her (I hope) name is Twinkles.

I informed Mary, if it's a boy we HAVE to change the name!!

Meanwhile, back inside, the girls decide to paint, (almost) the entire house.

Momma is grateful for her hard workers.

Liv does all the trim.

(A few days of this makes for a stiff back)

The finished product

Thank you ladies for all the hard work.
You did a super job and I love it!!