Thursday, October 4, 2007

Apple Butter Time!!!

Hello folks,
Welcome once again to the Pollock
Family Blog!!!
Where you never know what we might
be doing!!!

Well, this time the girls and the littles are
making apple butter!!!
Yum Yum!!! The Graves got us some apples, and seeing it would take us a long time to eat all those apples, why not make some apple butter!! So we did.

80 pounds of Delicious Rome Apples

The Ingredients

LOTS of peeling !!

The Apple Butter "INSTRUCTOR"

Many workers

The Chopper

The goal is to peel the whole apple without the peel breaking. She did it!!

The Work Table


Cooking the Apples

Adding a little spice makes it just right

Thank you for watching what these CRAZY people do to us!!!

See ya next time !!