Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Little Work - A Little Play

Since the market prices have been so low, we decided to buy more stock
instead of selling, which is what we usually do this time of year. So with new cattle coming
in, we needed to make another holding pen.....
"How many soda apples can one field produce!!"
"Have no fear, I've got just the tool to solve the problem!"
Since our unexpected "COLD snap", dad decides to be prepared
next time with plenty of firewood.
Jon's special "soda apple removal tool"
Ariana working on fence with Gabriel
Liv left the "soda apple" dilemna and decided to clean up the place.
Opposite of "cold"
Dad making dinner.
His "Udder Hot Dog Cooker"
Now for the "Play" part of this post.
It seems that softball, is now the game of choice.
Choosing Teams
"Let's Play Ball"
Christiana's ART

more of "Christiana's ART"

"Don't EVEN think about stealing that base!"

He FINALLY got dad out!!

She's so glad to play, with Whooping Cough and Bronchitis and all!!

They were too good, so we put them in jail!!
ha ha ha
Please read the warning above before proceeding.
(If you have a weak stomache.)
Ariana killed her first hog.
Dad didn't realize she had shot one, until he saw her coming across the
field with a hog on her shoulders.

Proud Hunter

Hope you enjoyed a little work and play with the Pollocks.