Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy 50th Birthday

Happy Birthday Missy Stokes!!

One thing is for sure, she is the youngest 50 we've ever known!!

She was VERY surprised. She thought she was on her way

to Bob Evans for dinner, when she opened her door and out jumped a bunch of people,

that scared her to death!!

Liv prepares the cake, while she was whisked off on an

all day shopping trip.

The finished product.

Best Buds

(If we look tired, it's because we ARE)

The Sykes

Preparing questions for the "favorites" game.
What are 10 favorites of Mrs. Stokes?Posted by Picasa

She so enjoys the children and believe me, she will have these cards FOREVER!

Mary and Jim.
Thankyou Mary for all your planning:)Posted by Picasa

The Graves family.

Tracy, it was fun shopping til we almost literally dropped;)

The Sweet Sykes Family

Gift from the boss.

Scrapbook of her life with the P's.Posted by Picasa

A Gift from Uncle Tom.

Dinners for a week from Covert Kitchen. Wow!

She loved her cake.

(She would love it, no matter what, because she's that kind of person).

A special gift from her son.

She cried and is so grateful for a son like Jordan.

He and Liv went shopping and prepared this basket the night before, so his mother

would have something waiting for her when she woke up on her birthday:)

A game of "Doodle Dice". (It's addicting)Posted by Picasa

We Love you Mrs. Stokes.

You're the Best

She is so grateful for her children and lifts them up before the Lord each day.
What would we do without her? She brings joy to everyones life. Is always
there for you, no matter what. She has such a heart for the Lord and strives
to please her Heavenly Father before anything else and we pray God's richest
blessings on her, Always.
WE LOVE YOUPosted by Picasa

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