Sunday, May 10, 2009

Great Balls of Green Stuff

Well, It's finally time for the Harvest of our garden
down by the lake. We had LOTS of Cabbage, broccoli and onions,
unfortunately there's not a whole lot of stuff to do with cabbage so we just made an
over abundance of sauerkraut and chow chow:)
(Are you impressed I can actually spell sauerkraut? It was momma. You know I can't spell German. I have a hard enough time with English:)

Li'l Mary the onion picker.

Mary and James had the job of picking all the oinions in the garden, ha ha.

(Ok, well Christiana helped a little:)

The hard workers, hardly working.

Guess What?...

Yep, another cabbage dweller (a Cottonmouth).
The joys of Living in Florida:)
EEEEE, I Love cabbage.
hi ho hi ho, the cabbage we will throw...
The way you pick cabbage when you're raised in an orange grove:)
I think that thing weighed about 100+ pounds when full:o

Don't forget to
count your many blessings.
All in a days work

Oh and while we were picking the garden the boys found a heifer that had just
had her first calf . She had had it in the swamp and the calf was stuck in the mud and couldn't get out, so, Cowgirls to the rescue;)

The pitiful little thing was covered in mud so we got it washed off and took it back to the momma,

unfortunately, it caught pneumonia and died a few days later.

Have a nice day!!

P.S. Ariana did help us too, but we didn't have any pictures of her cause she was behind the camera the whole time.

posted by:LIV:)


The Miller Family said...

WOW! That's alot of cabbage! You'll have sauerkraut running out your to speak.

One thing I DON'T miss about Florida is the snakes! We've hardly seen any here, and the few we have seen haven't been poisonous.

That calf was so sweet. I'm sorry he didn't make it:(

Well, y'all probably have lots of cabbage chopping to do, so I'll leave you to your sauerkraut making!

The Millers

Amy said...

hey from Idaho... I'm relieved you didn't skin that snake!! Wow... loads of cabbage there. how do you store it??

The Pollock Family said...

Hello Amy,
How are you enjoying Idaho? We've never been there, but I'm sure that day is coming.

We made alot of sauerkraut and chow chow out of the cabbage. Chow chow is like a sweet relish and you probably know what sauerkraut is. Alot of people in the north have never heard of chow chow, so I though I'd explain.

I'm glad they didn't skin the snake, either. Liv did a little too much damage to the skin on this one.

Mrs. P