Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Quick Trip (Part 2)

You can see by the pic, momma and Liv did a LOT of laundry!!

We did bring swimming attire. It's, of course, in the van.

"But momma, we're not gonna get wet" ha ha

Nice place to take a break

We are swimming at the hotel, while momma and daddy are eating at "Emma's Restaurant" across the street. (Coffee County., Tennessee)

Momma at the restaurant

Staying in one of many hotels. Looks like everybody is clean!! WOW

Just being Gabriel

Best Friends!!

How sweet can ya get?

This girl LOVES nectarines!!

Momma needs a break after hours in the van with these nuts!


Can you get a little closer, Gabriel??

OH NO!! Dad's goin down!!

It's time once again to say, "Goodnight"

Sorry that there are not more pix, but we left the battery charger at one of the hotels and the battery went dead for the rest of the trip:(
Hope you enjoyed the pix.