Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Looking back through the years......

Thomas and Mary at the "Gatehouse"

Ariana and James

I don't think Thomas is thinking about handwriting, do you?

Ariana LOVES the babies

Miss Tammy, our friend from Korea.

NOT the barn, it's beyond help!!!!!

The funnest times is when you have something to show for it, like DIRT ON YOUR ENTIRE BODY!!

Sweet James

Standing for Right

Hello little fella's, sorry, but we have to eat you.

Say Cheese

This was James' favorite green shirt

Capt'n Jon

Mrs. Stokes and her best friend Thomas

Singing at church at Ft. Benning, Ga.

Fun, fun time

"Bound 4 Heaven"

A little practice makes better.

Gabriel and Jord out working together.

Jordan says, "HELP", I can't take much more of this!!!

I promise I will NEVER go out with you again!!

Queen of the garage sale.

(Just havin a little fun at one of the MANY yard sales)

It's almost orange juice time again, yum, yum.

Workin with the cows.

A Lonely Lass in Loads of Lorn, I mean Corn:P

Sometimes they need a little help.

He finally got it.

Running the water for the garden.

Time for dinner
Hope you enjoyed.
Be back real soon.