Sunday, April 27, 2008

Arkansas (part 3)

And the adventures continue....

Daniel decides that sharing the back seat of the truck with 3 boys and a big dog is a little crowded, so he decides to take a seat in the van. We enjoyed his company.

There's alway room for a game of cards

Mary and Rachel have become great friends

Keep on Truckin
These steep mountains with these big loads were quite adventurous!!

Mr. Miller with his load.
The entire household items and the excursion

Mr. Pollock's load
The house

Getting the trucks ready for the day's drive

Thank you Lord for your hand of protection!!

We have to unload the cabins on the driveway because the property is too wet after the hard rain. We will be able to move them in a couple of days.
What they're supposed to be doing is getting gas for the generator.
What they're doing is your guess.....

Getting the generator ready. It will be dark soon.

Inside of the new cabin.
The big loft is for the boys to sleep.
The bottom part is the kitchen and table

They all load rocks to put in the driveway so we don't get stuck

There is a wonderful natural spring that's on the property

Taking a break

RG checking out the temporary facilities

"It'll work"

Ariana walking down to the creek in the woods


Ladies fixing dinner

Liv, Ariana and Katie

Building a dam in the creek

RG, it's time to say goodnight!!


More to come.........