Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tubing and Fishing

"Yeah man! This is gonna be Great"

Getting ready to sail

The driver

Now this could hurt:)

Start your engine !!

The "not so Lone" tube

and the Loooooone tube

"My Life just flashed before my eyes!!"

Another tuber preparing to be slammed into the concrete water at 100 mph!!

(Not really, it just sounded good)

Sorry we didn't get anymore pictures of the Tubing, just having too much fun to take pix.

Fishing Time!

"I'm Sooooo, excited"

Our destination, The Gulf of Mexico:)
BTW: This is what it looked like all around us at 40 miles out.

Just havin fun.
(Jord, Liv and Christiana)

Ari and her grunt.


Time to take a dip and cool off


" Do I really want to jump in?"

"Of course I do!!"

And we're back to fishing:)

Me and my amazing puffer fish and Jonnys Grunt

The navigational crew

Liv and her, well, um, unique hat

Fishing Art

We're heading home without "gospel 90.3"

This way is home

"I just Love fishing, See the smile on my face"


It was a great day for fishing. We each caught about 50 fish each.

See ya'll next time:)
(Posted by: Christiana)


Thank you Lord!!

For the wonderful harvest of Delicious Jubilee watermelons:)

We probably ended up harvesting about 600 watermelons!! WOW!!
~God is Good~

Time to go unload and "hopefully" have lunch!

Great Smile, Liv!


Can you get it James?

I think it almost weighs more than he does!!

"I say whoa, I say Whoah, I say WHOAH"

You can just think of how long it took to pick um all.

" Hey, hey, How many of these did you say we have to load?!?!"

Daddy reaping a plentiful harvest

Time to Start Selling:)

" Watermelons get your hot roasted watermelons here" ha ha ha
(Just Kidding)

Mary, ready to sell

(Our faithful customers:)

Liv and Mary hold up signs to bring in the people:)

"WE WANT YOU" to buy Watermelons

We haven't had anyone stop for a whole hour!

Mary and Ari after a hard days work.

One of Ari's pointless pictures:) ha ha

And of course our Breakfast, Lunch, and din din for about two weeks.

Thankyou for once again visiting our Blog!

-Have a Great Week and God Bless-
Posted by: Christiana