Thursday, July 26, 2007

Beef is what's for dinner!

Well we begin our first post with the happenings of Friday.
To make a long story short, Two cows got struck by lightning after a really bad thunderstorm.
Thankfully we found the cows before they had been dead very long, so we were able to butcher the bull ( but unfortunately we didn't have time to get the other cow, and it was about 15 years old anyway so we just buried it) After grinding and packaging all the meat we had a big Steak dinner:) And to finish off the evening we played a few games and fellowshipped with Most of the ones that helped.

Enjoy the pictures below.

In Christ,

After cutting the throat of the poor unfortunate dead animal. I take time to pose for a picture:D

The loader came in handy, for carrying around our lump of burger

Gabriel and Jordan sharpen the knives

Our trusty knives...oh, and one fork;)

Chop, chop, chop....

Slice, slice, slice....

Me and Daddy still cutting away.

Jess and the girls cutting chunks of the meat to put in the grinder.

Thank you Jess for taking time out of your busy schedule to help us.

Me and Christiana still cutting.

Our trusty Grinder hard at work.

Mary chowing down on the beef

The little kids wanted to make sure everyone knew what we were making.

The packaging crew.

The finished product.

Thomas just couldn't stand up any longer.

Happily enjoying a steak dinner!!

Pigging out:D

Jordan joyfully smiling for a picture.

And last but not least, the finished product