Friday, January 23, 2009

A Visit from the Hommes

The Hommes family came all the way from coooold country to visit little ole us. Just Kidding, what actually happened was they were here in Florida and came to see us while they were here. I like the first explanation better:)

Momma was sooo happy to be reunited with sweet Josiah!!

Christina and Josiah blessing us with beautiful music.

Yay for Liv's Apple Pie's.

Are these "The Twins"?

By the look on Jon's face, I think I know who's winning.

The Mommas and Josiah.

The Dads sitting by the fire.

It was 50 degrees and we were freezing.

The Hommes thought it strange that we had a fire blazing in the fireplace.

It was 7 when they left home!

Christiana, Sarah and Christina setting up
Settlers of Catan

The Hommes family blessing us with wonderful music.

Oranges, Tangerines, Grapefruit Anyone?

Hello Up there!

(I'm sure Michaels heard that before from us short people.)

Mrs. Hommes picks her first orange from the "Orchard" :)

We love you Mrs. Hommes :)

The Yungin's pickin

"Fresh Florida Oranges, Try Some"
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Is This Direction?

While we were at Bob Evans for dinner, someone (that we've never seen before) came up to Ben while he was paying the bill and asked him if he wanted a magazine. He thought it was a little odd, but when he looked on the cover, he couldn't believe what he saw, as we had just been talking and praying about where the Lord would have us go, whether here or someplace else to minister His will. :)
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