Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lets Go Fly A Kite

Looks like a perfect day for kite flying.
(If you zoom in on this Pic. you'll see our kite)

"A Curious Bystander"

As Liv prepares the string, Popeye (aka: cow that thinks he's a hog) is wondering what kind of yummy morsels Liv has to offer him.

"Listen here buddy, this is NOT food, and you are NOT hungry"

Just relaxing in the cow pasture.

(The only place to fly a kite without electric lines.)


(Warning: Thabeth Tuba and Mrs. Stokes, you might not want to look at the rest of this post.)

There's a problem!!!

"No Problem"

While out in the garden picking broccoli, the littles spotted a Cotton Mouth Moccasin hiding, waiting for prey. Ariana used her handy dandy tool (the hoe) and took care of the problem. Living by the swamp, we see many of these venomous snakes. They like to hide, and they blend in well, so you really have to be on the lookout for them.

Just because it is dead, doesn't mean it's harmless. It can still inject it's venom in its prey long after its dead.


Liv, processing the snake for skinning.

"Whoa, is it just me or is there a snake at my feet?"
The End
(Btw: The snake in this pic is NOT alive. We might be crazy, but we're not stupid:)
posted by mom who thinks these snake pics are gross.

The Pollock's Chicken Hatchery

Liv decided to experiement with this "rigged" incubator.

She finally got the temperature just right.

Now, in 21 days, if all goes well, we should have some chicks.

21 days later....

things are really happening....

and the experiment worked.

Isn't the Lord so good to us. He even cares about the little things.

Black Star chicks.

The blacks are hens and yellows are .......(can you guess)?


The end to a good day.

A Special Delivery

What's in the Box??
balls of fluff. (aka broilers)
They just love the chicken tajmahal, that keeps growing and growing and growing.
Sugar for the water. SWEET
"Hey, what's that bright light ya keep flashin at us?" (peep, peep)
(Momma's humor)
Jon taking care of the "egg suppliers"

Heave, Ho, big Jon!

Time for bed. Peepnight. (Mom's humor, again)
Pics by: Christiana
Camera by: Ariana
Chicks by: The Hatchery somewhere in Missouri
Computer by: Uncle Leonard
Post by: Momma and her humor, ha ha.