Monday, January 12, 2009

Trip to the Rockies (part 2)

Time to go "up".

The most beautiful scenery we've ever seen!

Breckenridge, Colorado

Sunset over Pikes Peak, behind us.

It was amazingly cold from one side of the mountains to the other.

We stop for the night at a lodge in Fairplay, Colorado.

Cozy and Warm

Inside = 70 deg.

Outside = 12 deg.

We choose inside :)

Mary was enjoying the fire.

The boys are eager and ready to find the perfect spot for fun.

On our way to find the perfect "free" ski/snowboarding slope.

They stayed here all day climbing up this mountain and then

skiing down. They got their excercise that day!!

No ski lifts here :(

On our way back to the Lodge.

After talking to the locals, we found out where the "free" mountain

was that you could drive the skiers back up. They were soooo glad to see this!

We parked the RV and used the van for the shuttle.

Sometimes, they were shuttled back up by other shuttles.

The locals were very friendly.

On the other side of that mountain was the drop for 2 miles down.

Here wo go.....

Time for a break.

Ready to go again.

The littles had a blast sledding and making a snow fort.

We're getting the hang of it.
Dad checking out an area for the littles, but it was very deep.

He had to crawl out of it.

Jordan ready to take James for a sled ride.

Ready to ride back up.

Time for a quick nutritious snack.

We had a GREAT time!!!

Now it's time to thaw out.

The boys thawing out the FUN way.

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We're supposed to be loading up, but........

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A Testimony:

After riding the Gondola, Mrs. Stokes found a full bulb of garlic half buried in the snow.

We thought it was quite strange and thought we'd better keep it, because of how unusual it was to find garlic in the middle of the snow like that.

Who knows all things? The Lord does and He knew that that night Mary would come down with a severe stomache flu and what's the best remedy for that? GARLIC

After chewing 1 clove of garlic she was fine.

Thank you Lord, you are so good to us and know our every need!!

Sweet sisters.

Some of the beautiful scenery.

You could say that again.......!!!

On the way home we stop by and have a good homecooked meal.

Yum, yum.

Time to head back home after seeing more of God's Majestic Creation.
Hope you enjoyed it.
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