Sunday, July 29, 2007

A Suprise Birthday Party!!

The surprise was pulled off without a hitch or without me knowing anything about it, which doesn't happen very often!!! While Garage Selling with Cathy (Mrs. Stokes), my precious children were preparing for the "Surprise". I found out that my eldest son Gabriel had been making quite a few phone calls!!! They know how much I DO NOT like to be the center of attention, and knew that I would never allow a party for "me", soooo they made sure I didn't know anything about it!! I felt very, very loved by all of you that were there!! And to my children, I want you to know that I am a wonderfully blessed mother!!! It was a super evening of fellowship and of course, Volleyball. We did have one "terrible" accident with Cathy (Mrs. Stokes), which we are all in prayer about!! Her words were, "I never in my life felt sooo loved without having to do anything to earn it. REALLY loved." She is a true testimony even in her time of severe pain. "We love you, Cathy"


Two cakes fresh out of the oven.

Wonderful delicious icing!!

A special "plate of flowers"

Roses are Pink, Violets are blue.....

The audience!!

Livy carefully adds the finishing touches.

And the surprise cake is FINISHED!!

Great job!!!

Cleaning for the party.

Dust Bunny.

Happy Birthday!!

Livy, Kitty and Christiana:)

The Three Grillers:):)

Pardon the burnt hot dogs. I had to leave and um...well...they kinda roasted:o


If your happy and you know it PLAY VOLLEYBALL.

The Volleyballers:)

Thomas and Benny.

Gabriel and Pete.

Liv, Christiana, and the Birthday girl:)

Good Friends.

Cutie pie

Mrs Stricklen & Willy P. pose with the Birthday girl:)

Sarah and Kitty kindly Smile for the camera.

Present time, Present time, open a present and see whats Inside.


Mothers with blessings!!

Sooo, Whatcha get??

Lifetime buds

Sweet Fellowship.

Emma and Stacy.

"I've got an attitude and I'm not afraid to use it!"

Bad hair day:)

Grace, Mary, Callie, Ariana, and Livy gather for a picture.

The Three Amigo's:)

Somebody get the ball!!

Art... (ha ha ha)

The Glowing eyed volleyball player

Bend and Stretch and Bend and Stretch, here we go now........

The last of the cake:) .......till next time

Hope you enjoyed the pics.

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Thank You