Sunday, January 11, 2009

Trip to the Rockies (Part 1)

The night before we leave on our "Search for Snow" trip, we decide which

direction we will go. There are soooo many options, you know?

"This is gonna be exciting"

Doing last minute inspections.

You never know where this RV might go.

Uncle Jim bidding us, "farewell."

Uncle Jimbo's jar that we are to fill with snow and our mission is to do just that.

"O.K. Gabriel, I've had enough. It's time to duke it out"

j/k We actually stopped to patch a broken brake line. We had to order the part

to repair it. (Duct Tape, it always works):)

"Attack you, who me, NEVER"

"Some day little sister, some day"

"I'm soooo frightened"

"I'm innocent, I would never threaten the "Little Sister"!

Mr. Doolin sent us a special package to be opened on Christmas.

This is half of what was inside. The other half looked the same way.

"Thanks, Mr. Doolin, for the eight packs of oreos"

Mmm, mmm, good


Cathy, Jord and Michael head to North Carolina to the Wilsons for Christmas,

while we head to Tennessee.

Liv cooks a wonderful Christmas dinner in the RV.

We stopped at a beautiful park to enjoy it.

Thank you Liv, you're always a blessing.!
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Enjoying the trip and the time together.

Posted by PicasaThe park was beside this lake.
(Don't remember the name of it)

Enjoying Christmas Dinner.


Having fun the Jonathan way.
Arriving at the Morgans in Tennessee.
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Swinging over the river.

"Ya know James, this is really a nice place"

"Yeah Mary, maybe one day we'll have a place like this"

Enjoying the 300+ acres.
It was beautiful.

Liv visiting in the kitchen.

Ariana doing dishes.

Going to load a "Very Heavy" hammermill.

Mission Accomplished

Playing 500.

Liv explaining something to Janet.

"I am sooo glad to leave McDonalds"
Actually, I'm being blown away in Arkansas.

Cows are Out, AHHHH!!

Frank, Joe and Vic waded through the swamp most of the night to build the fence back for us.

A Friend really does love at ALL times. Thankyou to all the cowboys :)

Just finished eating at the "Hayloft".

Mountain Grove, Missouri.

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Miles and miles of Kansas scenery.
Liv & James freezing while the brakes are being checked.

All Systems, Go

We are in the RV freezing, how pitiful.

RV Activities

Why is this picture in here?
Our 150th visit to McDonalds.

Liv and her antiques.
Not much shopping on this trip, so when we stopped to get gas, guess what was
across the street.
Welcome to "Boot Hill" Kansas.

The Birthday Kids
December 30th, they both celebrate their birthday.

Birthday present from Cathy.

BootHill gift shop

The road leading to snow.
More RV activities
"I'm loving this"
Hey, I found some snow.
"You know what snow means, don't you"?
"King of the Snow Hill" is about to be dethroned!
This is what 40+ does in the snow.
Colorado Springs
"I'm ready for the "white fluffy stuff"

The sun is setting in the West......

Our Trip continues, so stay tuned.....