Thursday, February 26, 2009


Mary (Spiritual awareness, Blessed one)

Elizabeth (Oath of God, Consecrated one)

(Mary in her "Sherbert Bowl Bathtub" in the hospital. 3lb.4oz.)

We are truly blessed to have Mary, as she came so close to not being here.

Thank You, Lord, for her life, what a blessing she is!!

Mary's has always LOVED to climb, anything!!

And if we can't find her, we always look up :)
Another friend :)
Out for a day (or 2 or 3, one never knows) on the boat with dad.
She LOVES to travel, especially surrounded by "junk food" and the ones who own it.
She can't climb in the water, so Liv helps her out.
Packing squash with her friend Stacy.
Instead of sledding down snowy hills like most people do in winter,

we just slide down hills of dirt.

Mary loves to cook.

Making Apples Pies.

She's an outside girl for sure!Having some painting fun with her little brother:)

That's supposed to be camouflage so you can't see him.

Enjoying the outdoors.

Mary LOVES all kinds of animals, especially baby ones.

She and James are our "egg collectors".

We love you sweet girl!!