Sunday, February 3, 2008


The day has finally arrived. Olivia has been wanting to have a "Medieval Feast" for quite some time. She loves this time period in history. She thought it would be nice to have it during a "cool" time of the year and since it was actually on Ariana's birthday, they could celebrate together. Everything went pretty close to the way they had planned it to go. A few "dangerous" games were changed by their father, but there were still enough of those left. The only game that we thought would be the safest, turned out to be the most dangerous!!

It was a great day

Jess, Liv and Ariana

Thomas & Jonathan

(Greeting the guests)Mrs. Stokes, Jess and Mrs. P

Liv and Gabriel

(brother and sis and best friends)

The Monk
The Court Jester
Cathy and Mary (cousins) Cousins
Is he serious???

Ben and Rachel

(Brother and Sis)
Gabriel and Ariana

(Brother and Sis)

Matthew and Gracie


Michael and Julia

(Brother and Sis)

Jordan and Christiana


I told you this was the most dangerous game!!!!

Peter and Sarah

(Brother and Sis)

Ready, with their "family crest flags" to play the games

Knife throwing log

(This game took the place of sword fighting)

The Monk is trying to keep us safe from "the enemy"


GraceKittyTime to Feast Is it so, The Monk trying to destroy Lady Mary

The king will take care of this !!! The king, the sailor and Lady Haley

ALWAYS enjoy being together

The Pollock Clan with, well, you know who !!

The Graves clan and CJ

Brothers (they're so authentic looking)

Stokes Clan

A few modern games, after the feasting

There are only two left in costume and they blend so well together

Ye Ende