Monday, April 28, 2008

Arkansas (Part 4)

The final episode....

Gathered for church

Ben took the "workers" to the Buffalo River which is not far from their property

They were trying to see who could swim across through the fast moving water

After swimming in the Buffalo River, Ben took everyone to the "Dari Inn" for shakes

and because of all of their hard work, he took them out again for burgers and fries.

We have to unload this box, full of household belongings, off of the truck.

The truck is stuck AGAIN

The Eagles Nest Lodge where momma stayed with the sick and injured,
and where momma, daddy and littles slept.

Mary got very sick with the stomache flu on the trip, so she had to stay at the Lodge

with momma and James a few days

Gabriel crushed his hand with one of those BIG rocks, so he was out of commission

for a day. He got to spend some quality time with the littles.

Getting another load of VERY big rock

The Supervisors

What's the next project??

Uh Oh, look who "accidentally" got soaking wet!!

Sammy Loves these rocks.

Wonder what they're talking about?

Great Pic of Daniel

Preparing to build the wall around the Wonderful Spring

Unloading rock for the spring

The water looks cloudy because it's been stirred up.

It will be totally clear in about 10 minutes.

The spring wall is almost finished. RG and Liv clean off the remaining sand and rock.

Just enjoying life.

You did a great job dad and all the workers that helped!!

The cabins are finally put in their places.

The second cabin is behind the first one, but you can't see it from this view.

Art "Work"

Our last meal together. Thank you Katie, it was delicious!!

Goodbye Pollocks

Goodbye Millers

We enjoyed our time and were very blessed to be able to spend this special time with the Miller family. God's hand was on the entire venture and we could see it so clearly in each step that was taken. Some days will be difficult as some have already been, but I pray that in this quiet place you will feel the Lord's presence even stronger than ever before. We love you dearly and will see you again in two short months!!

"Be Still and Know That I Am God"