Friday, April 18, 2008

Arkansas (part 2)

The continuation......

Moving the crossties so we can back up the trailer

Come on back

Perfect, Now I think we need some nourishment

And hear it comes or atleast it's the best source of nourishment that we have on hand. I don't think any of these starving, hard workers will complain.

But have no fear, we do have our much needed enzymes, Mrs. Frodge.

That evening we decided to camp out in the lodge. It had a small fireplace which was a lifesaver, since the temperature was in the low 30's. Thank you Ben for keeping the fire going all night.

The entire lodge floor became a bed for Mr. & Mrs. P, their littles, Gabriel and all the Millers, except Mr. & Mrs. M and their 3 littles. They slept in the semi.

The cooks (Pollock Ladies) slept in their quarters, the kitchen. (Liv around the corner. She refused to get her picture taken)

They were farthest away from the fire, so it was a colder night for them!!

This is nice

Breakfast cook #1

Breakfast cooks #2 and #3


Thank you, Mrs. Miller

I think we're almost ready to go

And off we go.........

Arkansas Bound

I know you're probably thinking, "Another Trip", but you know us. Actually this is a different kind of trip and one that will sure have all the adventure that one can surely ever need!!

Precious friends of ours, the Miller family, are moving out of the flat lands of Florida, to the Ozarks of Arkansas and we are going to be a part of that. You will be able to see from the pics all the activities.

We will miss you Miller family, but by God's direction, we will not be far behind you with our moving plans.

Enjoy the trip with us...........

Tuesday, April 15, Loaded and ready to go

This is great!!!!

This is getting real tiring.....

Gabriel, WAKE UP!!!

We arrive at our destination

The Hunt Camp in Jasper, Florida

This is the cabin we will be moving.

As soon as we arrived and met up with the Miller family, we began getting the cabin ready to load onto the trailer. It was hard work, but everybody was so diligent in working to accomplish our goal. To make it exciting, they broke up into teams to have a "jacking" competition.

Boy, that sure made things go fast!!

Ben and Rg found where they were taking down an old tobacco barn and

stopped to ask if they could buy the lumber. They got all they needed for a great price.

Thank you Lord

The Supervisor, Mr. Miller.

Joey and James wanting to help

They have to jack up the house to back the trailer under it.

Lots of work ahead

Must keep babies away from danger and have fun too

After getting the cabin jacked up, one of the pillars fell and the cabin went sideways, almost falling off of the truck, but thankfully it did not !! Now they have to go back to work to secure the cabin once again.

Bringing blocks for support

Team #1

Matt and Liv

Team #2

RG and Daniel

Team #3

Gabriel and Christi (and Ariana)

They would switch off