Friday, March 14, 2008

Off They Go!!

Well folks Monday morning bright and early we took Momma and Daddy to the airport. They flew up to Washington D.C. and met Mr. and Mrs. Graves up there , who had drove up the week before.They will be back Monday. So we're holdin the fort down till then. If you want to see more of there trip go to


At the airport that morning

"Have a great TRIP!!"

doesn't need explaining...


And away they go!!

Making our way back home

A "thorn" amongst the orange blossoms (J/K)

After getting home we have to feed the cows

picking up oranges to feed to the cows

James slaving away chopping the oranges....while

Gabriel...diligently watches:)

" Howdy partner, want an orange?"

"wow whats going on here"

Awesome picture, unfortunately they aren't our horses


An orange a day keeps the doctor away!

That's Better!

Many hands make lite work!

Thank y'all for stopping by!!

God bless and have a great week.

Post and pictures By: Ariana