Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Brockett's Visit

The Brockett Family migrates South. In 20 hours they went from 7 degrees to 75. Wow, I think I would migrate, too!
We had such a wonderful time while they were here. Thank you Brocketts, for blessing us with your visit. Here are a few of the 750+ pictures we took that week.

From Apples to Oranges.
Pure Florida Gold!!
How many people can REALLY fit on a trampoline?
I think there's room for a few more.
The all new LOUD game of Pit/Spoons.
How bout some 4-square?
These people are serious about this game!! Football in the cow pasture.
Makes for an interesting game. Thomas looks determined.
Amadu looks confident. Looks like Tom's confidence ran out:( Mary looking for someone to tackle.....
She found Jordan..... And Adama.
Making a Joyful Noise in our Hearts to the Lord.
Out for some boating adventures.

(Could be dangerous, but so is just about everything we do.)
Stopped at Subway for lunch on the way to the Atlantic Ocean.

(Wow "Eskimo Overflow", are you stuffed?)I would NEVER act silly like that :)

("Oh Really, see the last post, The Caption Contest")
Having DessertWe arrive at God's beautiful ocean. (Melbourne Beach)

(If you're wondering about the jackets, it's cold and VERY windy.)But never too cold for swimming....
But, on second thought, maybe it is.
James and Adama digging a hole.
The littles did go in the water.
Sometimes, ya just gotta do what ya gotta do.
The sand was blowing in our eyes, mouth, ears.
Well, you get the idea, it was really blowing.
Time for some beach foursquare on unlevel sand.
Playing on concrete after this was a breeze.
"Sunflower Maiden of the Beach"
(Liv made the wreath from some wildflowers)
The Precious Hitze family met us at the beach.

The are missionaries to the Baffin Islands.

We think it's cold when it's 50? It gets 70 below there and the ground never thaws. Brrrr.
It's been a great day.A trip to "Ft. Matanzas" in St. Augustine.
Christiana's Art Work with the pics of Mantanza.
Ariana and Hillary, looking into the fort.
On the shore at the inlet where the Fort sits.
After seeing the fort, we go to the Atlantic,
but this time it's perfect weather.
The other "Fort Matanzas"
Amadu, The Aged One.
A Group of Aged Ones
Well, what do we have here.
Could it be, foursquare, on wet, packed sand?
The "Ball Chaser"
(He needs to work off some of that energy)
WHEW, That was close. You don't EVEN realize how close that was.
Mercy reigns this day!
On a walk(?) to see the sunset.
The Pocketts and Jord.
O Lord our Lord, how excellent is thy name in all the earth!
who hast set thy glory above the heavens. Ps.8:1

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The Winner

Thank you to all of you who joined the "Caption Contest". You're all great sports and we loved all the captions. It was hard to choose a winner. Keep in mind that the judges had no idea who wrote each caption.

Third Place - Uncle Hans - "Love Will Find A Way"

Second Place - Adam - "Christiana, you're never going to catch one trolling like that"
"Oh, you're so old fashioned Jon - alligators always see a bobber"

The winner's caption is revealed under the picture.

The winner will receive a framed picture with the winning caption and a one ounce piece of silver.

Thanks again, it was fun :)