Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Boat

Life is full of second chances. As long as you're still breathing there's hope.
Ever since my last boat sank, almost four years ago, I thought it would be quite nice to be able to take another BIG fishing trip with our own boat. Through the years, we've made allot of memories with family and friends on the ocean. Although the thought of just going ahead and investing in another boat would be nice, priority, finances and time has kept me from it. I felt like if it was meant for me to have another boat, it would be either given to me or just fall into my lap. Well, two weeks ago while at the Equipment Auction, that's practically what happened.
So, here we are again, with a boat & a second chance on the open sea.

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Did somebody say, bbbooooooat?!?!

Yep, somebody did!!
All Aboard !!

Christiana is sooo excited that we FINALLY got another boat

Momma and Christi checking out the cabin

Mayday, Mayday, Mayday

(Just practicing)

Oh Yeah!!!

"Back in Nam"

Can anybody guess what Gabriel is doing??

Ahhh, what a life.

Now all we need is water!!

Thank you LORD !!

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The "Goings On"

Just random pix from the last week or two.


Momma, the older girls and James took a

trip to BC Corral for their semi-annual sale.

Christiana let James have the camera while we were there, so you'll be seeing most of the pictures from James' point of view.

We're on our way

James just found out we get to go to Bob Evans for lunch!!

When it's 3:30 and you haven't eaten since 8:00, you get a little famished.

Everything on the menu looks good!!

It was a great time off fellowship

Then that evening we went to the Stokes for a family dinner.

It was the last night Uncle David would be in the States before going back to Nepal

where he and his family are missionaries.

Smile for the camera!!

Julia set up some tables on the porch for the dinner.

It was perfect weather and so nice

"Bound For Heaven" was the requested music after dinner.

After "Bound for Heaven" played and sang, we spent hours

singing hymns and spending "rich" time together.

It's been a GREAT day!!

Till next time.........