Monday, October 13, 2008

Whip poppin and The Rodeo

Last saturday we went to the first annual "Cowboy Heritage Day" and rodeo in Kississimmee. About half of us competed in a "whip poppin" contest, unfortunately none of us won, but it was fun anyway:) Then that night, we older kids stayed for the rodeo. We had a blast!

The "Magnificent Seven Whip Poppers"

Everyone had to pop on concrete which made the whips

go alot faster, bounce on the concrete, thus causing everyone to get tangled.

Gabriel and lil' Abigail

Mrs. Stokes cookin up some grub in the solar powered oven.

She was such a sweet lady.

A bunch of rough cowboys......

Just Kidding.

Can't hold back those smiles for too long.

Time for the rodeo

(It was 14 different ranches against each other, 5 people from each ranch. Very fun)

Wild cow milking and it WAS wild!!

Lasso them dogies!!

Just hang on a little longer.

"Hey Jordan and Liv"

"Hey, Cracker Johnson"

1st one to flip the steer and brand him wins this round.

Gabriel and Jord got in on a little bull riding.
Hey, I think the bulls are tryin to fight!!

Here, let me break 'em up for ya.

OH!!, This is harder than I thought!!!

This just wasn't Liv's night to shine

and it wasn't the poor cowboy's, either :(

Hope you enjoyed the show.....