Friday, September 28, 2007

The "Goings On"

Hello everyone,
We are very sorry that we have not been been keeping you updated on the recent "goings on" in the Pollock family, but as you will soon see, we have been VERY busy. So I will try my best to briefly cover all of what we have been doing.
Enjoy the pix,


We were honored with a visit from the Stricklen family. The parents went out while the kids had sweet fellowship and V........l. Wonder what that could be??

The New Tractor

We got a new tractor for the garden we are planting, our hay business and many other things.

Um, that spike is for HAY!?!?!??

Gabriel takes James, Mary and our cousin, Matt, for a ride on the new tractor.

All of us get to take a ride, too.

Jordan and momma.

Liv gets a turn at the wheel.

Speech Masters (that night)

Hannah Sykes.

Liv making some muffins.

Mr. Graves speaking.

Benjamin and James.

Victor and Sam hold the flag while we say the Pledge of Allegience

Mrs Stokes (the Hostess) and Liv Smile for the camera.

Mr. Sykes and Thomas

Emily and Sarah

"Wettin our Whistles" after all those speeches

MORE TO COME............

Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Quick Trip (Part 2)

You can see by the pic, momma and Liv did a LOT of laundry!!

We did bring swimming attire. It's, of course, in the van.

"But momma, we're not gonna get wet" ha ha

Nice place to take a break

We are swimming at the hotel, while momma and daddy are eating at "Emma's Restaurant" across the street. (Coffee County., Tennessee)

Momma at the restaurant

Staying in one of many hotels. Looks like everybody is clean!! WOW

Just being Gabriel

Best Friends!!

How sweet can ya get?

This girl LOVES nectarines!!

Momma needs a break after hours in the van with these nuts!


Can you get a little closer, Gabriel??

OH NO!! Dad's goin down!!

It's time once again to say, "Goodnight"

Sorry that there are not more pix, but we left the battery charger at one of the hotels and the battery went dead for the rest of the trip:(
Hope you enjoyed the pix.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Quick Trip

Dad informed us on Sunday night that we were going on a trip the next day. Momma needed to get some business things done, so we decided to leave on Tuesday morning. All we knew is that we were going tractor hunting to Kentucky. We didn't know, but dad did, that we were going to the Creation Museum, also, and whatever other adventures we could find along the way. We never know when we'll have a break in work to take a vacation, until the day comes, so we've learned to be ready quick so we don't miss out on any fun!!

Enjoy the pix

At 6:00 a.m., We were all packed and ready to hit the road:)

Gabriel and Thomas.

We have our "junk food" and we're happy!!

Enjoying the ride

We thought this was a really neat pic.

The beautiful Tennessee mountains.

We are now at the Creation Museum. And everyone is piling out of the van.

The Welcoming Committee.

Momma and daddy getting the tickets.

Gabriel, Mary and James.

The Boys.

Liv and momma.


He's a vegetarian, I think we're safe

Boys workin hard moving coal

Stranded and Hungry. Part of the museum that shows what sin does.

Family portrait

The littles really enjoyed all the dinosaurs

Working hard, moving bags of corn

Some friends we met at the "fossil dig"

Sisters loving being together

OH NO!!, Somebody rescue James !!!

Our new "farm hand"
Where ya goin Thomas?

Liv enjoying the outdoors

The "Garden of Eden" at the museum

What a life !!
Packing up and headin to our next destination

We found the perfect place to get wet!!

Not Finished Yet!! MORE PIX TO COME