Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It's Juicing Time Again

We always LOVE this time of the year when we can enjoy as much "fresh squeezed" juice that we can drink. (Living in an orange grove always helps). When we move away from this area, THIS is something we will definately miss!!

Bringing in the fresh fruit

Time to take a bath

It's amazing what a little scrubbing will do

The assembly line continues. It takes allot of oranges for a gallon of juice!!

Taste tester !! I think it passes the test.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Christmas/ New Year

Christmas at Aunt Mary's
Mary and James deliver the presents to everyone.

Granny and Mrs. Stokes


Mrs. Stokes and Buzz(Christopher, our 2nd cousin from South Carolina)

We three Girls of.......

Something was funny:):)

A Mother and her 4 Blessings

New Years Eve!!!

Uncle Tommy with his party hat.

Me and Jordan smile for the camera.

and the last picture.


Hope everyone had a Great New Year, and will have a Great year ahead.

May the Lord richly bless you and may His face shine upon you and give you peace.

In Christ,


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What a Christmas Present !!

Well, well, well!!! A post, finally!

This year Gabriel got himself a ten point buck on Christmas Eve!!

Way to go, Gabriel!!!

Just a little warning before you continue!!

If you do not like blood, guts or any other bloody thing as such,
please move forward with caution!! Or you might just want to skip
this post:)
Thank you

A very happy young man!!!

So overwhelmed with shock, he forgot to smile!

One proud Father!

AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! (That's what momma said when she saw this pic):)

" Well, Well, Well, what you do think about that?"


After Skinning,

While skinning

The Great skinning Warriors. (Looks like Ariana is
licking the knife.) (She's Not!)

I finally arrived for the gutting part. I was actually Christmas shopping for Gabriel when he shot it, so I wasn't there for any of the other stuff. They saved the hard part for me:)

I leave you with this picture.
Hope ya'll have a blessed week.

In Christ,

Pictures by Ariana

Friday, January 4, 2008

The Squash Harvest

We were wonderfully bessed by the harvest of the "Squash Mission Project". The Lord truly blessed us with weeks and weeks of picking squash. He sent rain just at the perfect time, and when the rain was no more, he kept the squash growing. It was an amazing thing. Thank you all for all the hard work. It was truly a blessing and with all of your efforts, our goal of ministering was accomplished!!!

Grading and packing.

Mary and Stacy loading boxes.

Takin a little break to do some fishin. Nothin out there to catch, but squash!!

The "Washtub Gang"

The wonderful squash field. Till next time.......

Liv bringing squash from the washtub to be sorted

It's hard work, but sweet fellowship

Time to say farewell

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Trip To Missouri Part/2

Branson Mo.

Visiting "Bass Pro Shops" Branson, Missouri

"Jam Session" in one of the many motel visits

Thank you Lord for blessing us with
your beautiful creation !!
We loved this sign we found in someones yard

Doin a little shoppin

Visiting the Timmsen family in Graff, Missouri

Getting the stove ready for dinner

Enjoying dinner with a little music.

A little late night "Rodeoopoly"

Thank you, Timmsen Family !!

Dinner at the "Cajun Kettle". Our favorite restaurant in Mtn. Grove, Missouri

"Bound for Heaven" playing for the guests at the restaurant.

Having a picnic lunch & playing a little ........., (you guessed it, Volleyball)!!

Enjoying the trails

Sweet Mary

A trip with the Pollocks is not a trip without a flat tire!!!

Dad and Gabriel trying to get us, "Back on the Road"

Places to go !!!

Mrs. Stokes is enjoying her trip. We're so glad you and Jord got to go with us!!

We had a wonderful, wonderful trip !! We thank the Lord for His hand of protection on us and for the beauty of His creation!!