Saturday, August 11, 2007

From to People to the People, it's the LCF!!!

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, for joining us once again for the "Livy And Christiana Foundation" Posting straight from Kathleen, Florida.

Well lots have been going on lately. Sorry I don't have time to cover all the details but as you will see from the pictures, we've had allot of fun.

Thursday night Granny came down to our humble abode and we had a VERY close game of Hand and Foot, which Gabriel Won. ( I would have beat him had I gone out only 5 minutes before, instead of trying to get more points!!!) But we had a fun time in spite of my loss.

Friday, I went over to Mrs. Stokes and stayed with her for most of the day, while the rest of the family were home busying themselves cleaning the house for the Discher family who were to arrive that night. After they arrived the parents went out to eat and we kids had Pizza and then we went over to the Stokes house to play some volleyball, and have pie and cake after singing Happy Birthday to Mr. Discher. After it was all said and done, we had a Great time.

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From the People to the People.
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Here's the pictures,

Livy and Gabriel playing a nice game of "Hand and Foot"

Liv says, "I've got 'em beat if I could just have one more turn.

Can you tell what I'm thinking??

Granny studies her cards while momma lays down.

Christiana's strategy

The nutsy card player, Gabriel:)

Does anybody wanna see my cards?:)

Whoever has that camera is cheating!!

What we were doing at 1:00 in the morning:)

The new "Sherlock Holmes".

Liv and Mrs. Stokes enjoying each others company

That Night.
Something is funny!!!
Oh know, Sallie got to Emma Jane, TOO!!!

Wow Kitty, you must be starving!!

Are you sure its OK to eat???

Nice volley, Grace

Get it Sarah!!

Gabriel the awesome, flying to get every ball!!

WOW, look at that hit!!

Pickin 'n' Grinnin

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