Saturday, February 2, 2008


Sometimes you just have to be flexible. While trying to diligently work to get ready for Olivia's 17th and Ariana's 16th Birthday party, and already behind schedule, we get a call that we need to change our sewing room into a butcher shop. Being the party is tomorrow, and we are behind on what we have left to still get ready, we do what we have to do and quickly switch gears. It usually always works out in the end and in this case it did as well. The Dischers and some of the Millers came over for a hands on Science Class and were a great help. Thankyou for all the help!!

Sewing flags, before switching gears
The most important part of butchering

Gutting (1300 pounds)
Skinning Knife Sharpeners, (Very Important)

Keeping the meat cool, before cutting off the fat

The Cutting Crew (Very Dangerous)
More of the Cutting Crew
Uncle Tom is the Grinder
More Cutters

Thomas (cutting the butcher and freezer paper into just the right sizes)
Grace (Weighing the meat & wrapping)

The Wrappers, (Sarah and Grace)

The "unlabeled" finished product

Disinfecting (Before and After) Butchering
Still cleaning

We are finished and satisfied