Thursday, November 27, 2008

Twice Blessed


One of our cows that we had been planning on butchering for a while, went and had twins Tuesday:)

Ariana found them off in the woods, where she had been noticing the momma going. The momma doesn't have milk and has lost two calves so far, which is one of the reasons we were going to butcher her. After noticing our cow was not in the pasture, me and Ariana decided to go on a late night calf rescue. Usually when the cows disappear away from the herd, they are calving, so we figured there must be a calf somewhere out there. But we had a big surprise when we found two. If you can get colostrum to the babies within their first 24 hours of life, they have a good chance of making it.

Praise the Lord we didn't butcher the cow yet, we would have been minus the only twins ever born in that pasture!

One down and one to go.

The momma didn't want this one and left it in the woods and took the other one with her into the swamp, so we had to get her the next morning.

We named him Popeye cause he's got an anchor on his head.

Ariana is so tired she can hardly keep her eyes open;)

Mary with Popeye and Olive Oil

Time to wake up and eat....

and the feeding frenzy begins...

Sucking down the (spinache) milk ;)

Time for bed.

Mary tucking them in for the night.

Thank You, Lord.