Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Week of Happenings

Well this week has been pretty full.

Saturday we went strawberry picking with everyone. Sorry we forgot the camera so there's no pictures of the picking .

Tuesdat we loaded up cows and took them to the auction, plowed the garden, and participated in a Scavenger Hunt that Uncle tommy set up for everyone. It was really Fun, even if my team didn't win. Thanks Uncle Tommy!!

Wednesday, we girls and the two little boys went over and fertilized the garden.

Thursday, me and the girls had to fix fence (AGAIN)! The cows don't seem to know how to just be content with their pasture and have to go to greener grass on the other side, thus making more work for us. Mamma and Daddy took dinner to the Graves . Oh's been really Hot lately so after fencing we went swimming:)

Friday, Uncle Tommy, Aunt Mary and Granny took Thomas, Jonathan, and Mary to Silver Springs. They have a fun time.
And today Is Michael Doolins's Birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAEL!!

Thus concluding our week.

Chop, Chop, off with the top.

The "Jammin" buddies

Oh My, so much to do and so much time to do it in. "Well not really"

Keep stirring but you won't knock down the stove...... (Read with tune from "Josh And The Big Wall"
(Liv's humor)

The Finished product.

Oh and this had to make it to the blog....While Christiana was trying to make smoothies she kinda put the spoon down in the blender too far and...well it Chopped the spoon along with everything else . Oh well, she is now the first person in the family to make a plastic smoothie:):)

Auction Day!!

All loaded up and ready to go.

Daddy and the rest of the kids took the cows to the auction while me and Gabriel stayed and Plowed the garden.

The sign says it all .

The Garden.

Thank the Lord for the Rain. As you can see the garden was getting Really dry, but that night God brought this huge rain and just flooded it. Isn't God good? He takes care of our needs!

We're off to Downtown Lakeland for a scavenger hunt.

EEWW......did someone say scavenger hunt?

These statues were kinda what is was all about. We had to go around and find different ones and answer questions about them.

The media WE MADE IT!!!!

POP!! yeehaw, Up Up and away

The crowed gathers waiting for the games to begin.

"Hey, look Joey, this girls got a good lookin sandwich. Think we could...well, have some?"

Momma and Mrs. Miller

What a Great scavenger hunt!!

Fixing fence

Ariana was the official hole digger, while me and Christiana put up the wire.

All finished and now it's time to go........



Cannon ball!!!!!

WOW, Mary, what a splash!!(ok, so Mary didn't make that splash, but it looked good)


Me and Mary's acrobat act.

The Pollock girls, say Cheese!

Goofy face!!!

Another goofy face

And the whole swimmig crew

And we close with the picture of Christiana and the kids tree fort that they have been building. You can't really tell by this picture but it's got three levels, a rope swing and everything.

In Christ,


But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear. 1 Peter 3:15