Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Havin a 'Pea Pickin' Good Time....

Well folks, it time to start reaping what we've sown! The peas are ready to be picked!! And there certainly are allot of them!

This is what you call back- breaking work!

Bringing you peas from the "Liv and Christiana foundation!"

Jonathan took this picture. He's learning from the best!!

We had many late nights of shelling the peas!!

People get reeeal strange as the night goes on........

"I like peas this much!"


Good eats

More of Jonathan's Art

Olivia, "The Pea Queen!"

After a hard day of back- breaking work, daddy treats us to Sonny's!

How hungry are ya?

After shelling bushel after bushel by hand, we were blessed with a pea sheller. Thank you Mr. Heath!!

Thomas was a little over loaded with the peas!! He's had enough!!

Praise the Lord for the rain!

Liv enjoying the outdoors, her favorite place to be.

And all the "pea pickers" say goodnight!!

posted by: Ariana