Monday, October 6, 2008

We've Been Tagged, TOO

This is going to sound real strange, but we have become "tagged" from the Discher Family and are supposed to put 6 interesting things about our family, so here goes with the interesting things:

1. The Head of this household, Ben, has been blown up, shot, stabbed and sunk, all self inflicting. (He actually has the bullet from the shooting part, still in his leg, floating around.)

2. When Ariana was about 7, she was taking after her father and pretended to be blown up, when during the "pretend explosion" she was stuck to the wall by a nail that protruded out of the wall. It took us some time before we were able to free her. (We were so proud of her for staying so calm.)

3. Liv had her ear pierced this year, (by a snake).

4. Gabriel, at age 2, was feeding hay to our "large" Brahma cow, when he was picked up (by the cows horns) and thrown about 15 feet which looked like to his death, but was, by God's grace, unhurt.

5. Christiana was our first "homebirth" baby, born on her father's birthday.

6. Jonathan was our biggest baby at 10 lbs. 4 oz., still our BIGGEST cut up. Mary was our smallest at 3 lbs. 4 oz., born 3 months early with lots of problems that the doctors said would never be healed and because the LORD is the great physician He has healed her from ALL of these and she is now in perfect health. Thank you Lord, YOU ARE WORTHY OF OUR PRAISE!!

Soooo, who wants to be tagged next??


Kitty said...

Well, I've been tagged already, but I'm leaving a comment anyway. :) :)

Those were very interesting!! Wow! But then again, the Pollock Family is one of the most interesting and adventurous families I know!! :-P
:) :)


The Sorta Family said...

Well, I must say I would never have guessed some of that info! Interesting... Rose Sorta