Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happenings Lately

The following is what's been going on at the ole' homestead the past couple weeks.

We've been cleaning out, really cleaning out and poor Liv gave up her

lightbulb collection. She had her "Bulb Art" consisting of 269 bulbs.

Mom says, "THANK YOU, LIV!"

Because of the "over abundance" of hogs on our property, we did a little
shooting while Jon and Lydia were here.
We came home with three hogs.

"Scrub'a'dub dub , three pig on a truck"

Preparing the smoker and.....

the pot for making lard for soap.

Jonathan and Jonathan

Grinding for sausage


Now we're ready to spice it up.

Wrapping, labeling and freezing.

Yummy smoked ham and ribs for dinner!!

Julia says, "Yum, this is really good!"

Mrs. Stokes liked it, too!!


We decided to go to the "Gatehouse" for a little relaxation for all the

ones with the whooping cough. They were exhausted and needed a rest.

Drinking their "good for ya" tea to help with the cough.

(A mixture of ginger, fenugreek, fennel, garlic, constant comment)

As you can tell by Mary's face, it's NOT the "Southern Sweet Tea" they're used to.

We had a "Pool Tournament" while we were there, in the new game room.

It was a blast.

Now, THIS is the life.

Thanks Granny and Uncle Tommy for letting us come.

Enjoying some game time.


After a couple days of relaxation, it's back to work.

Mrs. Stokes house needs paint.

"We're supposed to be painting the walls?"

Ya don't say!!

Jordan's NOT listening.....

Christiana wanted to help, even though she was coughing every 5 minutes.

Thank you, Christiana.

She finally got the idea and is painting the walls.

The painters taking a dinner break and the rest of the family came to

see the painting progress and of course, eat.

We're watching "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" movie (Veggie Tales)

Why?? I have NO idea!!!

Another beautiful sunset!!

O worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness:
fear before him, all the earth. -Psalm 96:9-


The Dischers said...

It looks like the Pollock famiy has been very productive! Are you girls ready to start your own painting company yet? Great job!

How 'bout them hogs? So impressive - making sausage and all. When the good Lord provides - He provides, doesn't He?

Nice for those sweet sickies to get a little break. We have sure been praying for all those under the "curse"d sickness right now! :)

The Dischers

The Dart Family said...

Wow, Liv just what were you going to do with 269 lightbulbs? Was it supposed to be a "BRIGHT" idea? =)
That ham and sausage looks SO good! We have two pigs we are raising for meat.
We pray that you all get over your sickness soon!!
Abby for the Darts

The Pollock Family said...

Dischers Family,
Amen, the Lord sure does provide every one of our needs, Hallelujah!! The girls said if anyone needs any painting done, they will be glad to do it, in their spare time, ha ha. Thank you for your prayers for the "forever" sickness. Just when I think I see light it's dark again. Love y'all

Abby, That is FUNNY!! It was supposed to be a bright idea. She was saving them for target practice, but when she put the box in the back yard, it was taken up to the road and as Gabriel was going by to water the cows, he picked it up and used them for his target practice, therefore, Liv never got to shoot any of them. Sad, Sad. Thank you for your prayers with this "forever sickness". We're on our 6th week, I think. Pray all is well with y'all.

Momma Pollock