Monday, May 26, 2008

James' 5th Birthday/Cypress Gardens

On May 13, 2008, was the celebration of the youngest Pollock

James Michael Monroe Pollock

Is now 5 years old!!!

Welcome to the Party Everybody:)

The Birthday Boy and a very proud father:)

The Cake made by none other than, "Liv"

James and (cousin) Matt having fun with the wigs

The "PEA SHELLERS" are here!!
Mary, Aunt Mary, Ariana, and Uncle Leonard

James is Stunned........ There are only 4 candles!!!!
If you look closely, the other one is on the table

Ariana Serves the Cake

Thomas and Jonny,
(Making sure James's presents are safe to play with:)

Havin a Blast.

Lots a shellin and good conversation. I mean GOOD conversation....

Add your own comment here:)

Granny and Jordy!:)

James and Matt hold up there Stallions from Uncle Tommy.

Aunt Lee even had fun with the Wigs

And we end with a....Harty farewell:)

The next week .....

Gabriel took everyone to the"Family Fun Center" for James' Birthday:)

He's SOOO excited, he can't even open his eyes

On our way in.

Momma said she couldn't resist :)

Gabriel TRYING to retaliate

"I've always wanted to come here"

Thomas playing in the..... Well I don't exactly know what it was called, But thats what he's doing.

It looked like alot of fun, but unfortunataly we were too old to play, so we went to the Arcade and played lazer tag and other stuff.

Gabriel seeing how hard he could hit the little nob thing...
But it was pitiful, cause they put a really short cord on the hammer so you could hardly pull the thing back enough to even barely hit it.

And of course "The Gang"

T. Tom, Tommy Tom, Tom Bonio, Tombo,

otherwise known as "Thomas", goes through the simple, but yet very difficult
obstacle course

Cypress Gardens

"Bird Art"

"I'm really havin a great time", I am, I am!!!

Huh, what are we supposed to do now?

Never been to a place like this before.

Pirate Comedy, I think ?!?!

Momma did NOT like this picture!!

For 8 hours, we were on one of these.

It took a couple days to stop moving and spinning.


Island in the Sky

Liv on "Island in the Sky"

The Gardens from "Island in the Sky"

Momma says, "No, we're not getting one, no matter how happy you are"!!!

I mean NO!!!

That smile will NOT change my mind!!

" Hi, my name is Christiana, what's yours? "

"Where to next?", Tom says, while relaxing in Matt's stroller.

Enjoying the gardens

Granny, Matt and Jon join us.

We love our Granny:):)

Ready to go on more rides???

Ready? Let's go.........

Ahhhh, the Florida sun, how comforting, NOT!!

I feel a heat stroke coming on :(

Actually, we had a blast that day.

Thank you Uncle Tom for taking us!!

posting made possible by: Christiana and Momma


Sarah said...

Wow!! Looks like fun. :)Are you sure you don't want one of those lovely snakes, Mrs. P??

Happy Birthday Hamish. ;) :)


Anonymous said...

AAAHH!!! I would not put one of those things on my neck... It's creeping me out just thinkin' about it!
Other than that.. good pics :)Looks like y'all had alot of fun.

Well, See y'all soon. :)


The Stricklen Family said...

Oh, that looks like so much fun! I have the best memories of Cypress Gardens when we were just youngins like you girls. The picture of the 3 oldest girls in front of the flowers reminds me of a picture of me and my 2 sissies what seems like not that long ago (??) but actually 25 years ago :)
You all look so sweet and pretty in that pic.
Glad you had so much fun!
Mrs. Stricklen

The Stricklen Family said...

BTW -- CJ says HAPPY BIRTHDAY to James! That was so kind of Gabriel to take everyone to the Fun Center. Looks like you had loads of it :))


Anonymous said...

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