Monday, May 19, 2008


I am constantly reminded of how much the Lord has truly blessed my life !!

Me and the 8 most wonderful blessing in the world!!
I love you so much

A most needed megaphone!!
No excuses now, ha ha

Thank you Liv and Jordan for my beautiful garden

The "eyesore" has been beautified

Uncle Tom hosted Mother's Day lunch.
The theme was "Hats Off To Mothers"
Thank you Uncle Tom

I wish I could've heard this conversation!!
(Liv and cousin Haley)

I think he's a little confused


The Dischers said...

Oh! What a fun day! I love the "Hats Off" theme! Looks like Uncle Tommy pulled it off again :)

Gabriel was hilarious on that bike :)

Glad you had a Blessed Mother's Day, Tina.


The Stricklen Family said...

It looks like you all had a great day on Mother's Day! What a beautiful table -- that was such a nice idea by Uncle Tommy.
I can't believe they gave you a megaphone for a gift (actually that is a great idea!!).
The garden improvements look great!! Congrats to Liv and Jordan.
Love to all!

His Space said...

awww this is really sweet ( :