Thursday, February 12, 2009


Time to get ready for spring planting.

Load up the tractor and lets move out!

We dug out some of the pond since it was dry,
and we're going to spread the peat in the garden.
Field corn will be planted this year.
Four wild hogs, living on their own.
We've been feeding them corn and they will be in the freezer in the fall.
The Lord provides all our needs.
Thank you, Lord.

The moon in the middle of the day!

(Can you tell I'm enjoying my new camera)?

Hey, can I get on...

"Sure, why not?"

"Thanks, Gabe"

Wire belonging to Bob
(Inside joke

Relaxing on the job?

Feed me, PLEASE!!

"Hey, I think its time for dinner!"

James told us this the other day:
"I wanta be just like daddy when I grow up. I'm just waiting to grow up"

When your using your tractor to plow, and dont really
want to bring it back every day, ya gotta think ahead.
We put the hay up there so we can back the truck up and roll it off on the back of it!
(pretty ingenious, huh?)

"Wonder if we're gonna get some of that sweet smellin hay?"

"Guess so, yum, yum"

Sweet Mary feeding the cows.

"Mary where are your shoes?"
"Momma, you know we don't have shoes."

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NOBODY hides from me, heee, heee, heee.

Cowboy Art

Florida Art

(I'm still enjoyin my new camera) :)

NOT the camera again!!

Time to call it a day.......

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such a delightful fruit!

The pickers have picked and now the beautiful oranges are gone :(

We picked and juiced gallons and gallons of juice before they disappeared.
Too bad orange season doesn't last ALL year.

Christi enjoying her job.

Squeeky clean

Here comes the juice!!

Ahhhh, refreshing.....:)

This should last us for a few days.....

Mmm, mmm, delicious!!


This is all the fruit that's left

and this is all that's left of this post.

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