Monday, December 1, 2008


We love you, Olivia.

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When Liv was a baby, her parents, aunts, uncles, granny, etc., were on the

show, "Let's Make A Deal", so we thought it would be fun to do a remake for

her birthday.

Some of the contestants.

More of the contestants, the Discher family.

Some of our players had never seen the show before,
before we got started, we played some of the shows from years past.Posted by Picasa

Ready to give away some MONEY!!

Each contestant picks a container of grits.

(A surprise was hidden under one of them)

I think he's a winner, or a REAL excited loser!

Now it's the birthday girl's turn to play.

Studying........trying to make her decision.

"You can trade your money to play the "scales" game."

She decides to go for it.Posted by Picasa
It was a good trade. She won an ounce of silver for her $1.

Hillary wants to play. (She's real good at games, ya know? :) )

Aunt Lee won a Wonderful, Fabulous, Marvelous

bag of dried beans :(

Michael won a candelight dinner.
(btw, that is NOT wine, it is apple cider)Posted by Picasa

Time for a new game and new players.

Grace wins a SHELL. (That's a rare thing in Florida, :):)

Ariana and Sarah are left to see what they can win.

Not sure what Sarah won, but....

Posted by PicasaAriana was happy with her volleyball.

Now for the outlaw and the cowgirls.

Pick your favorite drink and see what's underneath.

Sam found a $10 under his drink.

Special guests, just arriving from a hunting trip.Posted by Picasa
So glad you came, David and Ju.

Which door do you choose?

1, 2 or 3?

She's going to trade her winnings for door #3.

What will she find behind that door?

And she wins a lovely jug of water!Posted by Picasa

Hills wants to trade, Hills wants to trade.

(Remember, she's real good at games)

She trades her set of flashlights


A bug zapper. OUCH!

Wah, wah, not everybody is a winner :(

Hillary is getting excited, wait, that's not Hills, she shrunk and ....:)

Something's fishy. He looks familiar :}Posted by Picasa

Hmmm, wonder what he said :>

Something is Hily larious

Momma said she's soooo glad that's a costume!!!

That's all folks.
Hope you enjoyed cooking up some fun :)