Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Our time with the Nepal family

We were so blessed by a visit from cousin Jyoti and her husband, Rajendra and family. This was the first visit to the U.S. for Rajendra and the children. They have been missionaries for many, many, years and have such a heart for lost souls. We had such a wonderful time while they were here, getting to spend quality time with them. What a blessing it was!!

Rajendra Sharing God's Word at Church

(Jyoti is translating)

The men being Bereans

Child Prodigy:)

Sharing their testimony

Uncle Tom took us all to the Animal Kingdom Lodge

Sweet cousins

The only snake you'll ever see around Mrs. Stokesies neck!!

Enjoying our treats while watching the Disney fireworks show

Mmm mmm Good

Awwww :)

Sleeping soundly at Grand Floridian (Beach) :)

Jyoti teaching the girls a new song in Nepalise and English

At Grannys for a big breakfast.

James and Preshunsa doing laundry JOYFULLY

They had the best time together.

Preshunsa called James her "husband".

Forget Toys-R-Us, it's dirt and plastic spoons for them.

Sewing Day

Time to go find a "secluded" island so we can enjoy ourselves.

Time to load up for an adventure, I'm sure!

We found a beach about 10 miles out into the Gulf of Mexico.

We had the island all to ourselves.

When the tide went out, it made a huge sand bar with water in between,

which was perfect for the littles (and the bigs).

This was our view

Jordan and Rajendra

Time for a little "wave hopping"

All we need now is the boat.

Mrs. Stokes in the snow, I mean sand :P

Ben in "paradise". He LOVES the ocean!!

Heading to shore

"I've had a fantastical, stupendous, marvelous day!!

Nothing like seeing the sunset on the ocean.

Good night and God Bless

Trip (part 3)

We are on our way to Niagara Falls and what a testimony of God's awesome creation!!!

The Whirlpool
(Before the Falls)

We have arrived at Niagara Falls
(the gang minus a few)

Julia is in paradise with all the colorful beads!

The gang on their way to

"The Hurricane Deck"

(Zoom in and you can tell who they are.)

They were soaked when they were done.

Time for a picnic in Niagara State Park.
(Right across the street from the Falls)

Hut 1, Hut 2, HIIIIKE

Boarding the "Maid of the Mist"

Sweet Brother and Sis

True Love


Abigail, asleep on Jordan.

So Cute

Its so amazing it almost looks fake.
Back at the cabin, playing Scattegories
"Hey, that's a describing word."
A little Smores' to satisfy ya
Lisa and her family came to have smores' by the camp fire.
We so enjoyed the fellowship
Thank you Liv for the homemade (I mean campground made) blueberry pancakes.
Liv was our cook for the entire trip. (The girls helped also)
Singin in the Cabin
The Cloud family
"Maiden in the middle"
Jonathan, Christopher and Jyoti (brothers and sis)

Campground Ladies

(and a wee little man)

Campground Men
Campground Family Gang
Thank you Lord for allowing this time for all of our families to be reunited and for the
wonderfully rich time that we had while together.
May your name be praised, o Lord!!!