Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Trip (Part 2)

Here's a few pix of the different places we enjoyed, people we were blessed to meet. We had a wonderful time just being together as a family in a beautiful place.


Lake Ontario, New York

Jyoti and Prashunsa

Sweet Picture of Lydia Cloud and Abigail

Prashunsa Nepal in deep conversation with .........

Wonder who she's picking those for.

Delivery Run

James investigating the situation

Precious Cloud Family

Lake Ontario

Three mommas and a baby!!

We spent the day at Lake Ontario and dad grilled GOOD food for us.

Wow Buzz, what big eyes you have!

I think the delivery run was a success!

Ariana's fishing art

Liv and Julia doin a little fishin

The Lighthouse

(You can barely see Canada from the top of it)

Ben about to jump in.

The boys watching Ben to see if the ice cold water is worth it.

Well, this isn't exactly Jordan's swimming attire, but

he slipped off the rocks and well........

Momma drying dishes campstyle

Mary and James thinking about it

Dad bragging about being in this beautiful place, just kidding, or maybe not

Ahhhh, what a life

Mrs. Stokes and Christiana taking a stroll

Too much energy must be used up!!

Flowers were everywhere.

Too much java!!

Momma's exercise for the week

Mary is happy

We so enjoyed fellowshipping at Antioch Bible Baptist Church

Momma and her new little friends

At the Brocketts for evening food and fun

Jord and sweet Abigail

Hillary Brockett and the very popular kitty

Buzz showing kitty to Prashunsa

Jordan showing Sundesh the kitty

James' turn with the kitty.

Kitty is probably ready to hide by now!

True Love

The Macdonald family in concert

Mrs. Stokes, Mary and Sarafina

Mary and her new friend

It was actually VERY cold in August!!

With all of our Floridian "thin" blood, we were freezing. About 59 degrees.

Thank you Dart and Brockett family for the wonderful food!

Emily Brockett and Carol Macdonald smiling for someone elses camera!

It was a wonderful time singing around the fire.

They look like they're having fun

"A Mighty Fortress"

Ariana's Art

(I think she's dreaming of skating on the frozen pond)

Ari and Abby Dart

"Buds" for a week

"Like to do a little fishin with me?"

Wonder what he's saying to the littles

Gabriel cleaning some of the many fish that were caught.

Everyone enjoyed fishing in the 25 acre lake at the campground.

Preparing for Smores'

Visiting the Apiary to get our stash of honey.

Actually we ended up with 2 five gallon buckets of honey.

"Honey is good for allergies and all kinds of ailments,

Try some today" (Sponsored by the C and C foundation)

Thanks for your support

Fun times with Pastor Pawleys family

I don't think they're preparing for Smores'

Playing Giant Volleyball

With this ball, littles and bigs can play together.

The "Moms for Volleyballers" club

You can even play this with someone on your shoulders

What could he be saying to get such attention

Zucchini on steroids

(From the Brocketts garden, wow)

I love this pic

The church street preaching

Lockport, New York

Faithful young men passing out tracs

Gabriel and Jordan praying for God's will to be done
We had a wonderful time sharing God's word to the lost.

We will be back to post the final episode (Part 3) of the trip real soon.

God Bless You All!!