Saturday, March 29, 2008

A.C.E. Conference

It was a busy week for all of the A.C.E participants. The Regional conference in Hudson, Florida, was last week and we were able to go and watch allot of the competition on Wednesday. Everyone did great and we so enjoyed the time we were able to be there.


The scoreboard looked like this almost the entire game.

A little practice before.

Instruction from the coach (Mr. Frodge)

Wow, what a game!"

After the game we went out to watch Mike and Sarah do their Archery!!

Ready, Aim, FIRE!

Getting ready to shoot

Sarah got 3rd place in ladies, "God job"

Michael got 1st place in mens, "Great shooting Mike"

Pace Bowl

Matthew Stevens is also on their team

(They won first place )

Grace is going CRAZY with all this thinking!!!

Markie was such a GREAT help with the littles.

Your such a blessing!!

Christi is up to something......

and it looks like Ben is too!!!

Gracie and Peter

(You can tell they are brother and sister)


Perfect background

Christiana and Rachel (Buds)

(Gentleman) Ben and Rachel

(Nice Pic)

Gabriel and Kitty

(This is Gabriel's favorite part of A.C.E.)

Discher Quartet

(Won first place)

Mrs. Stokes finally gets her baby and he was such a perfect, sweet, adorable, precious one!!!

That sure made her day

Daniel and Michael at the Rally

Liv and Joey

(Liv, are you hugging him or holding him down?)

Rosie making things fun

Jordan and Emma having a sweet conversation

Gracie and Callie