Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What a Christmas Present !!

Well, well, well!!! A post, finally!

This year Gabriel got himself a ten point buck on Christmas Eve!!

Way to go, Gabriel!!!

Just a little warning before you continue!!

If you do not like blood, guts or any other bloody thing as such,
please move forward with caution!! Or you might just want to skip
this post:)
Thank you

A very happy young man!!!

So overwhelmed with shock, he forgot to smile!

One proud Father!

AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! (That's what momma said when she saw this pic):)

" Well, Well, Well, what you do think about that?"


After Skinning,

While skinning

The Great skinning Warriors. (Looks like Ariana is
licking the knife.) (She's Not!)

I finally arrived for the gutting part. I was actually Christmas shopping for Gabriel when he shot it, so I wasn't there for any of the other stuff. They saved the hard part for me:)

I leave you with this picture.
Hope ya'll have a blessed week.

In Christ,

Pictures by Ariana