Friday, January 4, 2008

The Squash Harvest

We were wonderfully bessed by the harvest of the "Squash Mission Project". The Lord truly blessed us with weeks and weeks of picking squash. He sent rain just at the perfect time, and when the rain was no more, he kept the squash growing. It was an amazing thing. Thank you all for all the hard work. It was truly a blessing and with all of your efforts, our goal of ministering was accomplished!!!

Grading and packing.

Mary and Stacy loading boxes.

Takin a little break to do some fishin. Nothin out there to catch, but squash!!

The "Washtub Gang"

The wonderful squash field. Till next time.......

Liv bringing squash from the washtub to be sorted

It's hard work, but sweet fellowship

Time to say farewell