Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Floor Project

The following is what you do with a linoleum floor that's been glued down
over 20 years and you don't want to put tile on top of it!! The girls were
determined to get that floor up and just keep the wood floor underneath.
Here we go.
"This isn't too bad"
Momma's thinking...."There must be an easier way!
Ariana has had enough. She has an idea.
"Let's heat the floor and melt the glue"
"It works great"
(We only burnt out two blowdryers):)
Christiana has a better idea.
"If the blow dryer works to heat it up, why not FIRE"

This actually worked great, but the smell was awful,
so back to the blowdryers we went.

Melted glue, after the fire.

Slow Going.

Floor Project Tools, (minus the fire)

More of the floor crew.

Look at the determined face.
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Getting down to the last part.

Time to move everything out.

All the linoleum is GONE!!
Time to sand to the perfect finish.
Adding a little something special.

Posted by PicasaThe finished product.
(Before it is sealed and varnished)
Thanks for watching.


The Brockett Bunch said...

Looks like you guys are very busy and always have some project going on. =)I was very surprised to see such a nice wood floor underneath that tile. Are you going to keep it or put something else down? Christiana, it's a good thing that you did not burn the place down with your great idea which actually turned out quite stinky!! =)
Keep up the good work gals we are proud of you and wish I was there to help.
Have a nice day,

His Space said...

wow what a project!! I don't play around w/ fire tho...didn't u ever listen to that smokey bear?

Anonymous said...

Yay for Christiana!!
what are you talking about??!?! I'm not obsessed with fire... :D :):D

~Amanda :)

The Dischers said...

That floor looks great! We're very proud of ya'll for being so creative. The scripture verse was such a nice touch.

Fire...wood...glue...hmmm...yeah...I can see why Amanda's "interested". ha ha

Your garden looks so nice too!

Mrs. Discher

Another Beautiful Day said...

Hello Pollocks,
The floor looks great. I can't believe you didn't consult the floor professionals (the lains) HaHa!! Good job. I love the scripture. We pray you have a Happy Thanksgiving.

All our Love,
The Lains

The Pollock Family said...

Hillary, Actually momma was hoping the fire WOULD get out of control. She's been wanting get rid of that trailer for a long time! :)

Ju, did we listen to Smokey who? Never met him. (You probably knew that)

Amanda, we should've called you to join in on the fun. I'm sure there will be a next time.

Thanks for the compliments. It's always nice to hear.

Sorry Lain family, didn't know you had tips to share. It would've probably saved us a few DAYS!! Too bad it's in the trailer that will be pulled away, eventually.