Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Race Begins

The race between RV and Plane!
Who will win?

Thursday afternoon
1:34 pm
Daddy and Momma drive up with the RV they had
just purchased.

2:08 pm
We start loading up the RV.

Everything is loaded, the goodbye's are given,
and this is where the race begins.

Tis a race to see who will be the first one to New York.

Our first contestant:

The Pollock family:

Ben Pollock
Tina Pollock
Gabriel Pollock
Olivia Pollock
Ariana Pollock
Christiana Pollock
Thomas Pollock
Jonathan Pollock
Mary Pollock
James Pollock

Their new 1994 RV,
they have to drive 1,200 miles!
in 2 days!

Can they make it?

Our second contestant:
The stokes and Doolin family:

Cathy stokes
Jordan Stokes
Julia Doolin
Michael Doolin

Their plane takes off at

Going the same distance,
Will they make it in time to beat the death defying Pollock's?

Let the Race begin!!!

1:00am, Friday morning on the road.
The RV had a very comfortable Queen size bed in the back.

Gabriel had a hard days work in 105 degree weather
before we left, so about thirty minutes after we left the driveway,
Gabriel found his way to the bed!

He was so tired that he didn't even finish taking off his shoe's.
(poor Gabe)

We stopped the next morning at about 6:00am
and slept til 7:00am.

Good Morning Thomas
Good Morning Gabriel,
Did you sleep well?

What do you do for 20 hours in the RV?
Make faces at the drivers beside us!!

"How many semi's can we get to honk at us?"

This is fun!!!

What do you do when your on the road for 22 hours?

Make faces at the camera!

...and see how weird they can look!

wow girls, getting a little wwweird!

"no, not us! never!!"

What do we see in the distance.....

mountains, we're getting somewhere

We've made it to Virginia

"How much longer"?


"How much will this cost at 9 miles per gallon, going 1200 miles, one way?"

I think she's been in the RV too long!


Are we there yet?

No more Pictures of meeee!!

"New River Gorge"
West Virginia
(Looks like a good place to visit on the way home)

The view from on top of the bridge!

Fresh air!!

Liv's art!

Nice picture liv!

We made a few signs for all the other driver to see!

Smile James!

"Stretch Time"

If ONLY it was hunting season!!!

Daddy takes us to a restaurant, a REAL restaurant!!
She's going into shock and doesn't know what to do!?!?
Good morning!
Do I look like I just woke up?

Group 2
About to board the plane to try to beat Group 1.

Julia doing what she likes to do!

"Wow, Look! Golf carts in the airport!

What fun we could have with these:)


The lay-over in Atlanta.

Looking good for Group 1.

I don't want to see another security person again!

In the Air again, at last!

Buzz arrives to meet them(on a different plane).

So they both made it to New York.

But who will make it to the campground first?


Guess where we are?

And guess who's NOT!!!

WE WON!!!! (by minutes)

Mamma and lil' Abigail Ruth!

renewing old friendships!

The next morning Liv made a grand breakfast!
Thanks Liv
Mmm Smells good!
Off to explore new and wonderful things at the campground

More pix coming soon.......
~Till next time~

For the
Pollock Family

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Off We Go

Hello Everyone, Sorry For not updating in soooooo Long
But we havent had internet forr awhile.

And Once again the Pollock family is taking "ANOTHER TRIP!!" WOW

My View, the whole trip !

And the front seat the whole trip:)

Sweet James finally falls asleep:)

"The Sun is setting in the West,

The cattle go down to the stream,

The Redwood settles in her nest,

It's Time for a cowboy to dream,

Purple eyes in the canyon,

That' s where I long to be,

With my three good conpanions,

My Rifle, Pony, and me,
(Song off of "Rio Brovo")

Our Destination, the "Defending your Faith Conference" in Branson Missouri

Liv and Kitty kindly take time out of their stressful
Busy schedules to stand up straight and try to
make a somewhat pleasant Smile. Ha ha:)

This is actually a very nice picture of Olivia Michele Pollock and
Her Very Sweet companion Miss Anna Kathleen Discher.
On a scale from 1 to 10 I would have to give it an 8.... Now I
Would rate it a ten But there is a slight Blurr, The date is slightly cut off
on the lower right corner, And also if you would notice the date was set
wrong, and The Man standing behind them, his bag has a Bright
reflection from the Light in front of them, But other than that I would
definately rate it a 10.

The Boys Gather

Amanda and Billy Bob

"I'm SOOOO excited to be here!!!"

For Lunch we all gather for a picnic lunch at the campground.

"Mmmmm that food sure looks Good"

Daddy and Mr. Stricklen doin a little tap dancing, clogging or maybe
"Lord of the Dance"

Now on a scale from 1 to 10, I'd definately rate this a 2....Ha ha ha
Very nice picture, Very,very nice picture:)

Mrs Discher and "SPIKY EMMY"
Enjoying a great Lunch

Now this is one good fiddle player !!

Lets get into some of that good ol' toe tappin, Gospel Bluegrass

"Are you washed in the Blood
In the soul cleansing blood of the Lamb"

"Boy oh boy, Didn't we just sound Stupendous, Magnificent, Maggreevy Marvil !!
There's not a word in the world to express how splandifrously we played"

Did someone say "camera"

Alrighty, then!!


Trying to peacefully walk around during the intermission.
Did I say Peacefully? Notice: James and Joey are walking with us.
So as many would know, it is very hard to walk peacefully with two little
Boys who have been sitting all day inside, without being able to run around outside
for many hours.

Ring around "with" Rosie

All the Ladys talking.
And "The Imposter"

Liv (obviously)

Yay, time to go to the creek and take a dip!!

A little dip'll do ya

Ahhh, sooo relaxing. What a life!!

Gabriel See's the camera...........Gabriel Smiles!!

(He's been trained)

Daming up the creek.

I think we have a looong way to go.

Footprint art

Otherwise known as:
Stan O' Jordan
Austin Crow
Brad Steel
Tracy Ventura
Robin Hood

Sweet Mary and her Little friends

Mrs. Frodge and her new ride


Momma and Mrs. Thomas

Friends from the beginning.

Billy bob

As you can tell, he is tooo, tooo cute

Sarah's thought: "I want to be in the pictures.....
Doesn't anybody want a picture of Me?"
(Sorry Sarah, Just Kidding)

The Thomas family and the newest member, Thomas!!

Dose anybody look familiar in this picture?

"Am I smiling Big enough Ariana?"


We found him when we started to climb "his" tree, at one of the properties we
went to look at.

Um..... Thats definately Olivia....Yup, no doubt about it.....

Looky what we found. A Creek. Of course no creek gets passed us without being invaded.

The creek on one of the Properties we looked at.

Not quite big enough.

The field


The big. really nice house....NOT!!
Liv was excited!!

The Real house.... Notice Liv heading to the "other" house.

She just likes the simple things in life, like "shacks". ha ha


Liv found her home:)

Mary off to scope out the land


Here is proof that Liv actually owns shoes and wears them, (very rarely)

Mary holds up her flowers she picked for momma.

She did this right after being slammed onto the back of the truck while we

were exploring. (That explains the painful look)

Momma loved her flowers.

Sunday we went to "Liberty Faith Church"
and heard some awesome preaching from Pastor Kelly.
Then afterwards the Timsens invited us to the "Cajun Kettle"
and we had some nice fellowship

All the kids went ou side
While the adults stayed inside and talked.



James and his bud

"I've been waiting sooo long for this"

Ready for a little cave exploring in Tennessee.

Liv picked this up on the way home.

Just a little souvenir

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