Thursday, December 27, 2007

Trip to Ft. Benning, Georgia and Missouri

We have so much to catch up on, since we were last here. We've decided that we would just put a few things and leave out the rest or we would NEVER get caught up. We were blessed to be able to go to Ft. Benning, Ga. and then on to Missouri in November. To our surprise the beautiful fall colors were still out for our enjoyment. The pix are not in order. This is mom posting and I have no idea how to get them in order!! and also don't pay attention to the date on the pix. It is all WRONG!!

Hope you enjoy

The Trip: Part 1

Missouri Colors in November

We so enjoyed this spring. Missouri

Cathy and Ben's mom at the Museum, Ft. Benning

Sunset (Ft. Benning) This is supposed to be at the end!?!?

Meeting for Church (Ft. Benning)

Museum (Ft. Benning)

Lunch at Little Caesars Pizza, on the base (Ft. Benning)

Littles playing beside the cabins (Ft. Benning)

Alabama, on our way to Missouri

At a rest stop, playing a little volleyball (minus net)

Missouri, at last!!

Outside the cabins

Looking off of the back porch of the cabin

Museum (Ft. Benning)

Singing at Church

Moms enjoying the fire. (It was soooo cozy)!!

There were lots of bigs to help out with the littles. Rachel enjoying Thomas.

Enjoying a little "Axis & Allies"

Food line and hungry ladies make a good match !!

The Cooks!! Wow, I think I'll SAVE this pic, ha ha

Jess & Adiel (Best Friends)

Christiana has won and she is happy!!!

Liv and Ariana play music for "Musical Chairs"

Anna wins the first round of "Musical Chairs"

Littles played this game for hours

NOW it's the adults turn!!

Christi takes the "musicians" turn for the music, so they can play

Mr. P is a sore loser!! (THAT was hilarious)

Ben can already feel the win !!

"Ben, are you cheating? Trying to slither under Uncle Tommy?"

Playing a BIG game of Dutch Blitz

Missouri Spring

My sweet Christiana taking a rest in a beautiful place

Roy Rogers Museum, Branson, Missouri

Mary Couldn't resist the climb, (In bare feet, OUCH)!!

Pick a game, any game........

We will be back to post" Trip: Part 2", sometime soon, and maybe we can get the pix in order this time!! Sorry